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Rolex Enthusiasts Must-Know - Daytona Ice Blue Highlights 116506 vs. 126506

Rolex's Cosmograph Daytona collection has long been regarded as a classic in the world of watches. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Cosmograph Daytona series, and Rolex has introduced an eye-catching new member - the Daytona 126506 with an ice-blue dial. The ice-blue Daytona has always been seen as the top-tier Daytona model, and this Rolex update, along with the transparent case back, has drawn significant attention from watch collectors. The comparison between the old and new ice-blue Daytona has become a hot topic among Rolex enthusiasts this year.

One of the most noticeable differences between the old and new models is that the new 126506 features a transparent case back. The old 116506 is equipped with the Rolex 4130 movement, while the new 126506 introduces the all-new 4131 movement. The 4131 movement builds upon the 4130 with several upgrades, including a longer power reserve (up to 72 hours) and the incorporation of the Chronergy escapement system. The Chronergy escapement system is a patented technology developed exclusively by Rolex and has been widely adopted in most of Rolex's movements after years of validation.

The old and new models exhibit slight differences in their appearance. Both the old and new Ice Blue Daytonas maintain a 40mm case diameter, and the design of the tachymeter bezel, screw-down chronograph pushers, and crown guards remains unchanged. However, Rolex has refined the lines of the crown guards in the new model 126506, giving it a more streamlined and elegant appearance. The 126506 model features a Cerachrom ceramic bezel set within a metal ring, significantly enhancing its durability. Furthermore, the case thickness of the new model has been reduced by 0.5mm to 11.9mm, a change that might not be immediately noticeable to the naked eye but is appreciated by wearers for the improved comfort it provides.

On the dial, there are some slight alterations to the hour markers and the “Oyster Perpetual" logo on the new 126506. The hour markers on 126506 have a more elongated shape compared to the older model, and the scale on the chronograph subdials has become narrower. Additionally, at the 12 o'clock position, the "OYSTER PERPETUAL" text has been refined to a smaller font, giving the overall appearance a more refined and delicate aesthetic.

Key Changes in the Ice Blue Face Daytona:

  1. Equipped with the 4131 movement, a transparent case back and an 18K gold rotor.

  2. Redesigned case profile with a reduced case thickness.

  3. Bezel with matching material inset, aligning with the middle case.

  4. Hour markers now have a more elongated shape.

  5. The scale on the chronograph subdials has become narrower.

  6. The "OYSTER PERPETUAL" text at 12 o'clock has been refined to a smaller font.

(Old Model) Ice Blue Daytona 116506-0001:

The 2013 Daytona 50th-anniversary edition, known as the Rolex Daytona 116506-0001, featured a rare platinum case and bracelet, along with the introduction of the chestnut brown ceramic bezel for the first time which exudes a substantial and luxurious feel. The ice blue dial is exclusive to platinum models, giving it an air of understated luxury. Due to its extremely limited production, this watch is regarded as a precious collectible by watch enthusiasts.

(New Model) Ice Blue Daytona 126506-0001:

In 2023, marking the 60th anniversary of the Daytona, the new 126506-0001 underwent several modifications in its case design and hour markers. It's now equipped with the new 4131 movement and features a transparent case back, as well as an 18K gold openwork rotor, making it the first Daytona model to have a transparent case back.

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