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ROLEX Popular Models Latest Price Compilation

As usual, entering a new year sees many brands anticipating price increases, and Rolex, a brand always closely watched in the market, is no exception. Following widespread rumors and predictions of price hikes online towards the end of 2023, as of January 2024, various styles on the official website have experienced across-the-board price increases ranging from 4% to 6%, with an average increase of around 5%. No wonder people say Rolex is "the earlier you buy, the earlier you enjoy." The comprehensive pricing adjustments by Rolex have also led to significant increases in market speculation.

Below is the price adjustment and percentage increase of popular styles that many are concerned about, for your reference.


  • Old Price: HK$ 128,600

  • New Price: HK$ 136,600

  • Increase: 6.2%↑

The GMT-Master II introduces a new gray-black dual-color Cerachrom ceramic bezel. While the color scheme may seem understated at first glance, it is indeed quite eye-catching. The new model, a next-generation version of 116718LN and 116713LN, features a gray-black ceramic bezel with gold-plated numerals and markers, a yellow "GMT-Master II" inscription on the dial, and a change from the original GMT green hand to a gold hand, providing a more cohesive color palette.


  • Old Price: HK$ 47,600

  • New Price: HK$ 49,700

  • Increase: 4.4%↑

Extending the 2020 OP enamel color scheme, the new Oyster Perpetual comes in three sizes: 31, 36, and 41mm. The dial is based on the popular Tiffany color, with bubbles of various sizes forming the background. The bubbles incorporate various colors introduced by OP in 2020: candy pink, green-blue, yellow, coral red, and green. The Tiffany color in all sizes of OP is currently discontinued, and other colors in different sizes are gradually being phased out. With a relatively low entry threshold, it is indeed a good choice.


  • Old Price: HK$ 84,400

  • New Price: HK$ 88,600

  • Increase: 5.0%↑

Green has always been the iconic color of Rolex, making the green Rolex highly representative for the brand and watch enthusiasts. In 2003, for the 50th anniversary of the Submariner, Rolex introduced the first-generation green bezel black dial Submariner Kermit (16610LV), which was the first time the Submariner series used a color other than traditional black. In 2020, this classic color scheme made a comeback with a slightly increased diameter of 41mm. In 2023, Rolex lightened the color of the bezel while keeping the model unchanged, creating a distinction between Mk 1 and Mk 2 for the same model. This brought about discussions and positive market reactions, contributing to the lifting effect for the first two generations of the green Submariner.


  • Old Price: HK$ 89,300

  • New Price: HK$ 93,700

  • Increase: 4.9%↑

In 2022, Rolex introduced the left-crown green-black bezel GMT-Master II, with the new model being 126720VTNR. It is the fifth color variation Rolex introduced for the GMT-Master II after red-black, red-blue, blue-black, and brown-black. The left crown is paired with a green hand, and the date window is adjusted to the 9 o'clock position. The model is also available with both Oyster and Jubilee five-piece bracelets. Considering Rolex rarely releases models with a left crown, and the left crown GMT-Master II 6542 introduced in 1959 was sold at a high price of approximately HK$2 million at a Phillips auction in 2018, the new model 126720VTNR was immediately welcomed by collectors in 2022, making it a highly sought-after timepiece.


  • Old Price: HK$ 117,900

  • New Price: HK$ 124,000

  • Increase: 5.2%↑

In 2023, marking the 60th anniversary of the Daytona, Rolex simultaneously launched the new model 126500LN. The series underwent redesigns for the case shape and hour markers, with the brand overhauling a total of 32 Daytona models. Changes include a redesigned case shape on the lugs and sides, elongated hour markers, a narrowed chronograph dial scale, and a change to a finer font for "OYSTER PERPETUAL" at 12 o'clock. Despite the significant redesign, it still features the new 4131 movement. As a classic model of the Daytona series, the redesigned 126500LN is well-received by watch enthusiasts.


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