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New White Dial Steel Moonwatch- First and Rare

OMEGA has officially unveiled the Speedmaster Moonwatch with a white lacquer dial! Last November, OMEGA ambassador Daniel Craig appeared in New York wearing the newly released white Moonwatch at the Planet OMEGA Exhibition event. Initially thought to be just a custom piece for Daniel, it's now clear that is actually OMEGA new model on the rare stainless steel white dial Moonwatch, which has quickly become the new collecting target for Moonwatch enthusiasts worldwide. Some enthusiasts even call this new model the Moonwatch Daniel Craig Version. It seems that the casual exposure of the watch with Daniel served as an effective pre-launch, bringing a significant buzz.

Price Factor - New White-faced Version Attracts a Wide Range of Moonwatch Fans

In the past, white-dial Moonwatches were only available in platinum, limited editions, or special editions, making them high-priced and limited in quantity. Enthusiasts often had to choose higher-priced models or opt for other series. Therefore, the new white Moonwatch is appealing to seasoned Moonwatch collectors, as well as those who are interested but haven't yet made a purchase, offering a white dial at a more accessible price.

New Design - Striking Contrast

When the original Speedmaster was introduced in 1957, clarity and readability were the main in its design. The new model features a bright white lacquer dial with black hour markers, indices, and hands, creating a visual contrast as strong as the original version from 1957. In addition to the red "Speedmaster" on the dial, the red color at the tip of the second hand is also a first for the Moonwatch collection. The scale on the black bezel retains the classic "Dot Over Ninety" scale, another signature and beloved feature of the Moonwatch.

Three Strap Options - Choose Your Favorite

The new watch is equipped with the OMEGA 3861 manual winding movement, certified by METAS, and comes with a transparent case back. There are three strap options for the white-dial Moonwatch: a steel bracelet version, a black rubber strap, and a perforated leather strap. The rubber strap is suitable for summer wear, while the perforated leather strap has a racing style. The prices for the rubber and leather strap versions are slightly lower than the steel bracelet version, priced about HK$3,000 lower than the steel one.


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