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Her Great Love - Victoria Beckham’s Favourite Rolex and Patek Philippe

Some say that you can tell a person's personality by looking at their watch. From being a 'spicy girl' to transforming into a designer and powerful woman, Victoria Beckham, as the fashion icon of England, is an indicator of taste from clothing and appearance to assets. Not only is her husband, David Beckham, a global ambassador for Tudor, but Victoria Beckham herself is also a watch enthusiast. Looking at VB's collection, it is evident she follows the principle of collecting popular and sought-after styles from renowned brands.

Watch style is closely related to personal taste, and VB's early fashion style embraced a sexy look. Although not as bronzer as during the Spice Girls era, her fashion taste influences her choice of the most popular and eye-catching Rolex models when selecting watches. Unlike other celebrities who frequently change watches for different occasions, any watch favoured by VB has a high visibility rate. Among her collection are popular Rolex models such as the rose gold Daytona (116505) and the gold Day-Date (118238), as well as the vintage Datejust "Stella" dial.

Daytona 116505, although not as widely favored as the highly sought-after Panda Dial 116500, unexpectedly complements women well with its three sub-dials and rose gold design. The 40mm size is not overly small for a woman's wrist and enhances VB's sophisticated and elegant presence as "Posh Spice."

The high-profile gold Day-Date is also a favourite style for VB. Having been in production for over a century, the Day-Date is also a classic Rolex model. The Day-Date 118238 that Victoria wears is paired with a semi-circular, three-link bracelet with a concealed folding crown clasp. Although the luxurious gold Day-Date may not be everyone's preference, for VB, wearing a gold Day-Date remains a stylish and attention-grabbing choice without the need for additional accessories.

In 2008, as Victoria Beckham launched her personal brand, VICTORIA BECKHAM, she made a significant transition from being a pop star to a fashion designer. Along with this shift in her career, her clothing style underwent a transformation from a high-profile and sexy aesthetic to an exceedingly simple and understated one. In recent years, embracing the life philosophy of 'less is more' has not only influenced her fashion choices but has also led to a change in her watch preferences, transitioning from Rolex to the classic Nautilus 7118 by Patek Philippe.

Similar to the highly popular 5711 model for men, the 7118 is the women's version of the Patek Philippe Nautilus. The 5711 has always been a favorite among big stars like Brad Pitt and soccer star Lionel Messi. However, the 7118 has a size more suitable for women at 35.2mm, making it the largest women's watch in the Patek Philippe Nautilus collection. Crafted from stainless steel and featuring the classic blue dial, its understated, effortless luxury fashion sense is why it has become an important watch for VB in recent years, suitable for all kinds of occasions.


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