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Rolex First RLX Titanium Model - Yacht-Master 42 226627

Rolex launches its first titanium Watch—And it has a record-breaking 36,000 feet of water resistance.

The new model 226627-0001 Yacht-Master 42 watch features Rolex's patented RLX titanium alloy case, making it the first maritime watch to use this cutting-edge material. With a case diameter of 42mm and equipped with a 3235 self-winding movement, the watch boasts a pure black dial with the black Cerachrom ceramic bezel, combining robustness and lightweight to exude a strong sporting style.

RLX Titanium Oyster Case

The RLX titanium Oyster case of this new Yacht-Master 42 is crafted from a selected grade 5 titanium, known for its lightweight, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant properties. Additionally, the RLX titanium can be finished with a polished or satin texture according to the brand's requirements.

The 42mm Oyster case ensures a water resistance of up to 100 meters (330 feet). The middle case is cast from a solid piece of RLX titanium. Rolex uses exclusive specialized tools to tightly screw the case back, ensuring a perfect seal, and only Rolex's watchmakers can access the internal movement. The Triplock winding crown is equipped with Rolex's triple waterproof system, securely fastening it to the case. The crown guard is seamlessly integrated with the middle case, providing protection for the winding crown. The dial is protected by an anti-reflective blue sapphire crystal, which is highly scratch-resistant. At the 3 o'clock position, a small window is placed for easy date reading.

High-Tech Ceramic Bidirectional Rotating Bezel

Rolex has always been at the forefront of ceramic technology, developing one-piece molded ceramic bezels and ceramic inserts with cutting-edge techniques. The new high-tech ceramic bezel is manufactured using special chemical compounds, providing exceptional corrosion resistance.

On top of that, the watch features a bidirectional rotating bezel with a Cerachrom matte black ceramic 60-minute scale insert. The three-dimensional markers and numerals are created using ceramic molding techniques and then meticulously polished. The first 15 minutes of the bezel are marked with minute graduations for precise time intervals. This design allows the wearer to easily grip and rotate it as needed.

Calibre 3235 Perpetual Movement

The 3235 perpetual movement is complemented by Rolex's unique blue Parachrom hairspring, it maintains stability even in temperature variations and offers exceptional shock resistance. The hairspring is further enhanced, ensuring the movement's stability in any position. The balance wheel is with Rolex's high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers, enhancing the movement's shock resistance. The automatic rotor is equipped with improved ball bearings.

Calibre 3235 features a perpetual self-winding system, which uses the continuous motion of the rotor to power the movement. Thanks to the efficient combination of the mainspring barrel and escapement, the movement boasts an impressive power reserve of approximately 70 hours.


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