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Blackpink's Lisa ignites the Lady-Datejust trend

The globally popular South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, member Lisa has been dubbed the "Human Barbie". Not only is she recognized for her musical talent, but she's also a dedicated watch enthusiast. Despite being the ambassador for Bulgari, her watch collection extends to other brands such as AP and Cartier. However, Rolex might be among her favorites. She frequently showcases her affection for Rolex by wearing their watches in both public and private moments.

Lisa's most frequently worn Rolex timepiece is undoubtedly from the Lady-Datejust series. The 28mm diameter of this model suits her wrist perfectly, and her love for the Lady-Datejust is evident in the diverse range of styles she possesses. Her collection includes various Lady-Datejust models, such as the Everose Gold and Steel 279171, Yellow Gold and Steel 279173, Yellow Gold 279178, and even the White Gold Stardust 279459RBR. She seems to have a preference for fluted bezels and diamond-set dials, while also showing high acceptance of different materials and bracelet types. Whether it's steel, precious metals, Jubilee or Oyster bracelets, she covers them all, clearly reflecting her affection for the Lady-Datejust.

Lisa also occasionally wears the slightly larger Datejust models, the 31mm versions - Rolex 278278, a yellow gold case with a fluted bezel and President bracelet. However, it appears that she leans more towards the 28mm Lady-Datejust. Regardless of her ever-changing fashion style, this watch seamlessly integrates with her attire.

The Rolex Lady-Datejust watch that Lisa wears features a 28mm Oyster case with a fluted bezel and a diamond-set dial, exuding an elegant and sophisticated design. The watch's versatility adapts harmoniously to her dynamic fashion style.

It's clear that Lisa is a super fan of the Rolex Datejust series, particularly the Lady-Datejust models that have become an essential accessory for her outings. Despite owning luxury watches from other brands, her go-to choice for both private and professional occasions remains the Lady-Datejust. Perhaps we can continue to watch for any new additions to Lisa's collection.


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