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From Jisoo to Georgina, they all love this small golden square watch - Cartier Panthère.

The trend of small-sized watches is currently on the rise, with Cartier Panthère's classic square wristwatch being particularly favored by fashion icons. Whether it's Blackpink's Jisoo or the attention-grabbing Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of football star Cristiano Ronaldo, they are both drawn to this compact and exquisite timepiece. Some prefer the simplicity of wearing it alone, showcasing a neat and elegant style, while others lean towards pairing it with other accessories to create a casual and layered look. Regardless of the celebrities' choices, whether it's 18K rose gold, 18K yellow gold, or diamond-set, the gold-toned models are clearly their favorites.

The Cartier Panthère wristwatch, introduced in 1983 and popular in the 1990s, has seen admiration from music icon Madonna since the 1980s, both on and off the stage, significantly contributing to its fame. The original Panthère was discontinued in 2004 but made a comeback in 2017, maintaining its unique appearance – a rounded square case paired with a metal bracelet, retaining the classic style while enhancing the bracelet and waterproof performance in the new version.

Recently, Lily Collins, known for her sweet pie image, was seen sporting the Cartier Panthère wristwatch and Love bracelet while enjoying a trip to Paris with friends. This combination, not appearing just once in Lily Collins's shared photos, clearly resonates with her and is versatile.

Georgina Rodriguez, since becoming Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, has attracted strong public attention. As a social media sensation, she showcased her luxurious taste alongside Ronaldo in the Netflex documentary "I am Georgina," with a penchant for bold colors and dazzling jewelry, including the Cartier Panthère wristwatch. Especially notable is her choice of the diamond-set triple-loop model, emphasizing her high-profile and luxurious style.

American model Bella Hadid, known for her daring and sexy image, is often seen wearing this wristwatch, casually pairing it with bracelets or hair ties, presenting a very relatable side of her life.

JLO Jennifer Lopez is also a fan of the Cartier Panthère. Wearing it with Versace's signature golden-threaded gown and a rose gold fully diamond-set Cartier Panthère wristwatch, she exudes the aura of a queen, radiating opulence.

The design of the Panthère watch also suits well with t Asian women, as seen with Blackpink's Jisoo donning the rose gold model with different outfits.

The current Panthère collection offers small, medium, and mini sizes, with a diverse selection of materials, including 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, stainless steel, bi-material, and diamond-set options. The collection exclusively features bracelet designs, ranging from the classic single-loop to double and triple-loop styles. In addition to the traditional white dial design, 2022 introduced colored dial variations, providing a different feel to the exquisite appearance of the Panthère wristwatch.


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